Eagle St Pier


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Eagle Street Pier has had a colourful history over the past 150 years.

While the area is now Brisbane's premier culinary precinct, in the 1800s it served as our main wharves for a developing city.  According to Ian Jempson, CEO of Queensland's Maritime Museum, the pier played a very important part in our city's maritime history. 

Owned by the Australasian Steam Navigation Company, the first wharf was built in 1858 and was the place where many coastal passenger and cargo ships would come in to Brisbane.

In 1864, the wharf was extended in both directions - upstream towards Margaret Street and downstream towards Mary Street. By 1900, the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company owned five adjoining wharves with a total length of 270 metres. Passenger and cargo vessels berthed there right up until 1960, when they fell into disuse.

In their final years, the wharves were used for car parking and eventually demolished to make way for new development. The area underwent a renaissance when Eagle Street Pier was built in 1989, transforming it into Brisbane's premier riverfront dining and entertainment precinct.

The multi-million dollar refurbishment will begin a whole new era for the site, which has been an important part of Brisbane city for over 150 years.

Source: Queensland's Maritime Museum